Nordic Skate Isvidda Nordic Blades


Comfort, convenience and speed! Our most popular Nordic ice blades for cross-country touring on frozen lakes, ponds, canals and even indoor rinks, using your own XC boots and bindings.

Comfort: The warmth and support of ice skating in insulated, padded cross-country ski boots that support your ankles.

Convenience: Put on your boots at home, drive or walk to the ice, then clip on your blades in seconds. You’ll never need to expose your fingers and toes to the frigid air on a frozen lakeshore.

Speed: This recreational adaptation of speed skating technology gives you the efficiency of a long-blade skate that glides smoothly and effortlessly on top of the ice, instead of digging in and wasting your energy chewing up the surface.

Safety: The tip of the blade curves up just like a ski tip, allowing you to skate safely across bumps, cracks, soft spots, even snow-covered ice.

Our skates come with Rottefella Sport Screw Skate Binding mounted.



Specifications: Isvidda Nordic Skates have a Rockwell hardness of 55 and they come with a free pair of plastic blade protectors (skate guards). Available blade lengths and recommended skater height ranges are as follows::

40cm (15″) (150cm) and shoe size under EU 39.

45cm (17″) (150-170cm) and shoe size under EU 44.

50cm (19″) (170-190cm) and all shoe sizes.

55cm (21″) (190cm) and all shoe sizes.

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15", 17", 19", 21"


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